Updates & Checkout Tips


Updates and restocks are announced on my social media accounts, @claywaterlily on Twitter and @theclaywaterlily on Instagram. I attempt to have at least one to two updates every month! 

I advise following my social media accounts for sneak previews and essential announcements.

Checkout Tips

Due to the nature of the host site, items are not safe in your cart until you have officially placed your order. Here are some tips on getting the item(s) you'd like on update day.

1.) Set an alarm for the day and time of the drop you are interested in beforehand. Dates and times are often announced via my social media accounts in advance. I advise setting the alarm five minutes beforehand in order to properly prepare.

Currently, most drops take place on Saturdays to account for work and student schedules. 

2.) I advise setting up Apple Pay on your device in advance. Apple Pay is the fastest way to checkout on my site.

3.) Once your alarm reminds you on update day, head over to my site and open the product you desire the most. Ideally, this is a few minutes beforehand. At the exact update time, refresh the product's page, and use Apple Pay to checkout. 

4.) If there are multiple items you desire, I advise opening multiple tabs to each product beforehand. Remain on your most desired item, refresh at the update time, and checkout using Apple Pay. Then, move to the next tab, refresh, use Apple Pay again. 

If you choose to place multiple orders, you will automatically be charged shipping per order. However, orders that are placed within 48 hours of one another can be refunded shipping for all, but one order. Please make sure you email me! Shipping refunds will appear on statements within 5-12 business days. (This time period is dependent on the company my site uses to allow purchases and refunds, and thus out of my hands.) Items will be packaged together, meaning you will receive one tracking number for all orders placed within the 48 hour period.

Happy checking out! I cannot thank you enough for your support! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or direct message me.